Things I do for you

Things I do for you

I make the bed
I clean up our dirty tea cups
I laugh and smile at you when you’re the light of my life
I love you everyday with my heart
I take you’re jacket when you’re too warm
I wrap you in blankets when you’re too cold
I plaster your fingers when they’re sore
I hold your hand when you’re breaking
I clean your blood off the walls
I hide your drugs to keep you safe
I throw away your blades
I wash the blood off my hands everytime
I talk you down everytime
I sit with you until the sun comes up when it’s a bad night
I save your life when you can’t save your own
I would breathe life back into you if you died
I do all of these things because I love you
I saved your life
I just hope someone is there to save mine

By Emma Catherine



You’re asleep next to me as I write this
I wanted to let you know
How you are a wolly jumper when I need to keep warm
And you are a soft linen dress for me to dance in when it’s summer
You are everything and
everything I need
Rolled into one

By Emma Catherine

the impossible ‘I love you’

the impossible ‘I love you’

When someone tells you they love you
It appears quite unremarkable
But imagine the impossible
When the ‘someone’ is one of your own
A woman
The I love you
Becomes a UFO or a dragon
In a world of man and wife
Or Mr and Mrs.
Suddenly the phrase that is thrown around
by boys over text
Like tatty footballs
Is the northern lights or a shooting star
because it comes from a girl
in a world where we are taught it is impossible
and a world where it sometimes is.
but I heard it
‘I love you’

~Emma Cunningham

Instagram- @rain.on.rosy.cheeks

something we called love

something we called love

we had a mutual loneliness and called it love

a magic kind of desire spun from the cobwebs on our lips

we thought

as long as we have each other we are not alone.


we clung to each others corpses like driftwood in the middle of the ocean

a shipwreck and its sailors, if you like.

is it love if its built from broken hearts?

is it safety if it’s built on top of quicksand?


I loved you like the last girl alive

but I hated myself more

and so, how can I be loved if I don’t let you soothe any part of me?

what were we if we pretend we were not a dying wish

holding each other so tightly in our arms

to keep ourselves together

to stop the shaking.


what can I say about our loneliness

sharp enough to make us weep

and tough enough to tie us up in knots?

it was something we called love

and it kept us alive.


She Always Will Be

She Always Will Be

what a gift it is to find that person,
someone who has read every page of you like a book
has not just leafed-through but construed and memorised
and chosen to love every word inside

what a gift to crumble in love,
to fall apart in the arms of another
to dismantle and disfigure in front of her eyes
show her what dust love made me into

a love that takes your lungs away is a blessed curse,
it drips like poison into the mouth and takes away your tongue
I was loved so much that I became less than nothing
a favourite blanket keeping warm empty space

to know that she will always be the one
to both light me up with her laugh
and extinguish me with her breath
and that no one else will ever make me burn again

what a gift it is to crumble with love,
to fall in love was to fall into no reality.
to wake up a stranger at the bottom of the sky
and unable to live without that gift any longer.