Gender: Yellow Flower (a poem on gender)

Gender: Yellow Flower (a poem on gender)

Yellow :

The colour of my wallpaper as a child

Ambiguity specific to non conformity

The colour my parents chose for me

Months before Emma was the name that rolled out of mouths when they saw me

What a beautiful name for such a sweet little girl

You start to feel confused when you relate to the word ‘flower’ more than ‘girl’

And so comfortable in a dress

Yet so alien in ‘please select your gender and quickly’.

How can such a beautiful girl

turn out with hips shaped like the curve of the earth

and question marks in her eyes.

A yellow flower who can be grown in gardens

and bloom in the springtime.

For now I wrap myself in a cocoon of yellow wallpaper

And it seems to fit so perfectly

for a flower who’s edges are a little too