Poem- Never Be Yours (TW- Sexual Assault)

Poem- Never Be Yours (TW- Sexual Assault)

-Trigger warning- sexual assault/rape-


You can try and convince me that I’m yours all you want.

You can try and show me what you think of me

with all that hunger in your stare

as you look at my body and my face

(that I would once mistake as interest)

a kind of mutated desire, a dangerous possessive glare.


To be afraid of someone’s eyes

brings a slammed door upon your own

No matter how much you

look at me

hurt me

tell me

‘you’re mine’

I won’t listen to your ownership

If you can’t listen to things you don’t want to hear

(I’m guessing you know what deaf ears feel like?)


I don’t care if it makes you angry

(Even if it’s the type that you sometimes fancy)

Because I’ll leave you burning until you’re smoke

Reminding you that it’s your own fire that’s burning your pride

When you’ve scalded mine over and over and

Seething and simmering as I warm my hands on what’s left of

your hunger

a repulsive appetite


I was the hungry body to match your hungry mind

Claw at my legs, burn it in to me if you want

But no matter how many times you want to claim me

I wasn’t, I am not, and I will never be


-Emma Catherine
Instagram @rain.on.rosy.cheeks
WordPress thelilaclysander.wordpress.com


Poem- The Earth Beneath The Canopy

Poem- The Earth Beneath The Canopy

Trigger Warning- Sexual Assault

It only took one right to realise exactly who I was to him
Weeks of sharing and sharing and oversharing
And in that hour all I was to him was a fallen leaf to pick up and take away to wherever he wanted
I learned I was most wanted
When I was undressed instead of speaking
I was no longer a person when my voice was unheard
And I was all his when I gave up and gave in
No matter what I said or didn’t say
I was silent to him
I was a leaf picked from a growing tree
And once admired
Joined the ones growing brittle on the earth beneath the canopy
And from that place I could see
Exactly how far and how fast I had been pushed
And exactly how far and how long it would take me to climb all the way back up

~by Emma Cunningham