30 Reasons to Recover- anorexia recovery 

30 Reasons to Recover- anorexia recovery 

The symbol of eating disorder recovery from Eating Disorder’s Awareness Week 2017.  Instagram: re_growing


  1. You won’t freeze all the time, your body can keep you warm.
  2. No headaches, tummy aches or fainting
  3. Nutrition for your body- your body deserves to have energy and nutrients etc. !
  4. Good sleeping pattern- no waking up early and sleepless nights because you are hungry
  5. No food wasting or lying about having eaten to the people you love
  6. Romantic interests return
  7. Healthy heart and body
  8. No weakness and frailty
  9. You can eat what you fancy without guilt and upset
  10. You can read and concentrate again
  11. Your family and friends won’t worry so much- ease the stress off them
  12. not uncomfortable sitting in hard chairs or lying down
  13. You won’t be prisoner to food rituals/ rules and obsessive exercise
  14. You can enjoy drinks and food with your friends again
  15. You will get your social life back
  16. You won’t feel as if your ED is controlling you
  17. Better body image- believe me you can get your self love back!
  18. Luscious boobs, bum and womanly curves *wink*
  19. You can watch food programs without feeling sad and hungry
  20. You can bake and actually enjoy the food your eating.
  21. You will get your smile and laughs back
  22. You can start to excel academically again- you will have enough energy to try your best.
  23. You will gain your independence back because you will prove that you can look after yourself.
  24. You will be able to write flipping amazing poetry again!
  25. You can stand up and sneeze without seeing stars
  26. Healthy, strong bones
  27. Ease of sadness and anxiousness that the illness induces
  28. You will be able to love and care for your family again
  29. You can exercise to show off what your body can do, rather than as a punishment for what you’ve eaten
  30. You will learn to love yourself again, I promise.

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