Do you love me or do you l o v e me?

Do you love me or do you l o v e me?

Do you love me or do you love me? That is the question.

When someone says ‘I love you’ it could mean any number of things. The simple phrase that we, as humans, seem to cherish, has endless meanings. It seems to blur the edges between platonic or romantic affection, a phrase meaningful enough to make you feel safe and warm, but gentle enough to not have anyone the idea that you are, in fact, intending to marry the recipient. You can say it to friends, pets, family and partners.

In modern society we often refrain from saying those three fateful words because we have been taught that we shouldn’t jump in too quickly, it’s always best to hide our feelings for those we care about. This has strengthened the value of an ‘I love you’ but fundamentally reduced humans to nervous wrecks when that phrase escapes our lips. Do you know why? Because the ‘I love you too’ was created.

We have created a trap for ourselves, whenever we finally get round to telling someone we love them the timer starts ticking, seconds edging by, silence broadening the gap where we expect and ‘I love you too’. But just for a second, lets think, wouldn’t it be nicer to not expect a response? Surely the commitment of saying such a powerful thing to someone without expecting them to return the favor simply shows that we care enough to be happy with whatever our special someone thinks back.

But it’s also important to note the vast difference between an I love you and an I am in love with you. The former we have already discussed, but the latter- a whole different meaning. It is a deceleration of raw love for someone, a love that rides above all others in alarming way. It’s risky but it could pay off. In this case, a return of the statement may just be necessary for a happy ending.

I love you (maybe).


By Emma Cunningham.

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