My (a passage on my beautiful body)

My (a passage on my beautiful body)

She escapes the gentle idea of falling in love.

Just by watching her you could see she would turn the oceans in her dark grey state of mind. Her nail polish is chipped, I see, as she runs her finger tips over her cheeks, shaped like snowdrifts and hair flowing down her shoulders like a river. Her skin is snow white, every breath she takes starts an avalanche. Every blink makes ink run down her face from her eyelashes, into her mouth. She’s crying but smiling like she’s high- her mouth the arc of a rainbow.

When she walks her footfalls only sift over the ground as if she were walking on flowers, so gentle- every touch is a blessing. When she moves her limbs, its like she’s dancing, and it makes you stare. But when I catch myself in the mirror today, instead of melting into the river I created, I look myself in the eye and see every inch of the girl I am describing.

I see her.

Notes: take what you want from this passage, all I will say is that seeing the beauty in all of us is challenging yet rewarding. Hopefully you see this, not as a vain self portrait, but as an acknowledgement. And when you see the beauty in yourself, you will understand yourself more than you did before. 

By Emma Catherine Cunningham.




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