Anger (recovery and emotions)

Anger (recovery and emotions)

It’s a bit like walking on a tightrope; everything’s in control until it isn’t anymore. Anger is a self promoting emotion- it wants to be felt and it wants to be destructive. Normally, I am the quiet one, sometimes people say I’d never hurt a fly. But we all feel emotion don’t we? Frustration and anger are very different things. Frustration is a feeling that is driven from confusion often a fear of things not working out the way you know they could. But anger is raw, tender emotion. It is something that feels alot like your body giving you a way of being heard, and to an extent it gives you a voice- even if it’s an alarmingly loud one. Anger is a breakage in the band that wraps around your internal filter and censorship. And when it breaks a wave of internal monologue turn into an external scream. These cascading waves crash and destroy anything in your pathway leaving you ashamed and sorry, desperate for the ability to turn back time.

Anger by Emma Cunningham

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